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High-Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge


  • High-capacity rotor (R7A)
  • 1,000 ml x 6 bottles
    High-capacity carbon fiber rotor
  • Max. 7,000 rpm (11,100 x g)
  • To be used exclusively with a wide-mouth 1-liter bottle
    1000PP bottle (WM)(P/N: S307700A, 6 pcs/box)
    1000PC bottle (WM)(P/N: S308357A, 6 pcs/box)
    1000PP cap (WM)(P/N: S410870A, 2 pcs/box)
  • For high-volume separation of bacteria and organelle from their culture liquid and for rough separation in the manufacturing process of vaccines
  • High-capacity swing rotor (R5S3)

  • High-capacity swing rotor 400 ml MAP bag x 12 units can be processed at a time.
  • Max. 4,200 rpm (5,030 x g)
  • For blood component separation use at blood centers, etc.
  • Advanced technology

  • Memory operation
    Stores 30 sets of operating parameters.
  • Net run time input
    Because the timer starts simultaneously with attainment of the selected speed, net operation time can be realized (patent pending).
  • Convenient functions are standard features
    • RCF calculation
    • Memory lock function
    • g• sec. calculation
    • Step operation input
  • Numerous safety devices and self-diagnosis functions are standard
    • Door opening/closing detection
    • Imbalance detection
    • Overspeed detection
    • Rotor setting abnormality detection
    • Temperature control abnormality detection
    • Power source abnormality detection
    • Motor rotation abnormality detection
  • GLP/GMP-compatible operation record control
  • If a log data printer is connected, operating conditions and operating results can be printed out. This function is convenient for the control of GLP/GMP-related manufacturing lines and for operation record management at the inspection room.
  • CR7-type log data printer (option)
    GLP/GMP-compatible operation record control This printer is designed to print out speed, time, humidity and 11 other operating conditions for start, stop and alarm events.
    *In the case of on-site installation, there is a charge for upgrade labor and travel expenses.


Model CR7
Maximum Speed (rpm) 7,000
Maximum RCF (x g) 11,100 (R7A rotor)
Maximum capacity (tubes x ml) 1,000 x 6 (R7A rotor or R5S2 rotor)
Maximum speed at maximum-capacity rotor and maximum RCF 7,000 rpm, 11,100 x g
Drive motor High-torque brushless high-frequency motor
Speed control range (rpm) 300 to 7,000
Temperature range adjustment (°C) -20 to +40
Timer One second to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, with a HOLD function (one minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes optional)
Refrigerator capacity/refrigerant 1.5 kW/R404a
Function 1Memory-based programmed operation Nine programmed operations possible
Acceleration/deceleration time variable Nine-stage variable acceleration, nine-stage braked deceleration, plus free deceleration
RCF calculation
RCF integrator
RTC (real-time control) * N/A
Rotor stoppage buzzer
Imbalance detection device
Automatic rotor temperature compensation
Automatic rotor identification N/A
Continuous flow rotor N/A
Power requirements Single phase, AC 220/230/240 V ±10%, 30A, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (mm) 730 (W) x 910 (D) x 1,150 (H)
Height to the controller (mm) 870
Standard accessories Instruction manual, rotor cleaning bar, silicone grease,
Weight (kg) 300
Note:* CR7 has no RTC functions.
  • For information on product adaptability, please contact your nearest Koki Holdings' representative, if one of thesa rotors is to be used in a previously delivered (old-type) centrifuge or if a previously delivered (old-type) rotor is to be used in a new centrifuge.
  • * 10A rotor is made to order.
  • Generally, sample trmperatures at the highest rpm can be cooled to 4°C.For R7A,figres in parentheses represent the highest rpm and centrifugal acceleration under which the temperature can be lowered to 4°C. At the rotors maximum rpm,cooling to below 15 °C is possible (room tempaerature:25°C)
  • ** 400 ml MAP bag ×12 pieces (2 pcs / bucket) can be processed at a time. On an optional basis,200 ml MAP bag-use oval inner cup (200) is also available.
  • *** A 1,000PP/PC bottle (2),a conventional product, cannot be used.
  • The warranty period for rotors is 7 years.
Cautions during installation
  • To optimize the heat exchange efficiency of the refrigerator unit, install in a space according to the specifications.
  • Install on a stable floor.
  • Avoid installation near equipment that could be a heat source, or in direct sunlight.
  • An extension cord should not be used.
  • The heat radiation rate of the centrifuge is about 2,300 kcal/h.
  • As a safety precaution, ground the equipment properly according to applicable electrical codes.