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High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges

Materials of Parts
Chemical Resistance Chart
Conditions of cleaning and sterilize for Tubes and Bottles
Spare Parts for Rotors (In preparation)
Applicable Instruments and Max. Speed
Standard Accessories Attached to Rotor (In preparation)
Fixed Angle Rotors
R22A6 22,000rpm , 55,100xg R22A2 (RR22A2) 22,000rpm , 51,200xg
R22A4 22,000rpm , 55,200xg R21A2 21,000rpm , 50,000xg
R22A (RR22A) (RPR20-3) 20,000rpm , 45,170xg R20A2 (RPR20-2) 20,000rpm , 48,000xg
R21A (RR21A) (RPR18-3) 19,000rpm , 43,600xg R19A (RR19A) (RPR16) 18,000rpm , 40,940xg
R20A (RR20A) 16,000rpm , 33,200xg R17A (RR17A) 14,000rpm , 27,700xg
R18A 18,000rpm , 42,200xg R14A3 14,000rpm , 29,100xg
R15A 15,000rpm , 32,300xg R13A 13,000rpm , 26,400xg
R14A (RR14A) (RPR12-2) 14,000rpm , 30,240xg R12A4 12,000rpm , 23,800xg
R12A6 12,000rpm , 22,500xg R12A (RR12A) (RPR10-2) 12,000rpm , 24,310xg
R12A3 12,000rpm , 23,800xg R10A3 10,000rpm , 18,800xg
R10A5 10,000rpm , 189,000xg R9A2 8,500rpm , 15,100xg
R10A (RR10A) (RPR9-2) 10,000rpm ,187,80 xg R7A 7,000rpm , 11,100xg
R9A 9,000rpm , 15,300xg    
Swinging Bucket Rotors
15,000rpm , 28,700xg R10S (RPRS10) 10,000rpm , 16,470xg
R8S 8,000rpm , 11,500xg R7S (SRR7SA) 7,000rpm , 9,420xg
R6S 5,700rpm , 5,010xg R4S (RPRS4) 5,000rpm , 4,620xg
R4SS 4,000rpm , 2,900xg R3S (RPRS3-3) 3,000rpm , 1,940xg
R5S4 4,700rpm , 3,100xg R5S3 4,200rpm , 5,030xg
R5S2 (RR5S2) 5,000rpm , 7,290xg R4S2 (RPRS4-7) 3,200rpm , 2,540xg
Horizontal Rotors
R10H 10,000rpm ,13,000xg    
Soil Dehydrating Rotors
R11D2 (R11D) (RPRD11) 11,000rpm ,15,800xg    
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