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Solution Casebook

Introduction of usage examples of high-speed centrifuges and ultracentrifuges in material science

  • Classification and purification of monodispersity (or elimination of agglomeration) in fluid dispersion
  • e.g. classification and purification of pigment, toner, abrasive compound, ceramic material, metal nano-colloid and carbon nanotube
  • Increasing the process volume of the sample
  • e.g. from several mL in R&D scale to dozens of L in production
  • Improving sensitivity and resolution of analytical instruments such as particle analyzer, LC/MS, GC/MS, ICP/MS, NMR, X-ray analyzer, Electron Microscope.
  • e.g. by condensation of low concentration disperse particle, elimination of agglomeration and contamination
  • High-viscosity solutions
  • e.g. deforming, removing sludge in cosmetics, separation of additives
  • e.g. removing red iron oxide (Fe2O3) in rubber material